Top 10 Budget Machine Learning Laptops

Buying a Machine Learning laptop always starts with Compromising, and that too with portability. Suppose you are going to buy a laptop with more RAM, so it will lead you to carry more weights on the laptop. More battery backup, more weight, more power, less battery life. But these are not the things you should look to buy a Laptop for Machine learning.

What are the specs you should look into for an ML Laptop?

Machine learning laptops build for performance or should I say heavy task performance. So basically, we will be searching for some of the best gaming laptops for ML. We will be searching the laptops by the below configuration.

RAM = A 16gb RAM is appreciable for faster calculations, but 8gb is fine for a budget laptop. You should have ram upgradability option in your laptop.

CPU = At least Intel i5 9th gen or Ryzen 5 4500U.

GPU = GPU enables parallel processing of Matrix Calculations which is needed for Deep Learning. With GPU, we can do it within a few hours, without GPU, it would take days or weeks. NVIDIA and AMD are there, but which one is ideal? NVIDIA offers the CUDA library for Deep Learning, so obviously you should opt for NVIDIA.

Storage = SSD is always preferable, you can also use 1TB HDD to store dataset, buy 512GB SSD laptop, and then buy external SSD for faster storing.

Operating System = When it comes to Machine Learning, always opt for Linux, you may use Windows or Mac OS, but using Linux will give you extra speed.

Don’t know about Linux at all? This PDF is for you.

Acer Aspire 7Check Price
Acer NITRO 5Check Price
MSI Gaming GL65 LeopardCheck Price
Asus ROG Strix GCheck Price
HP Pavilion 15Check Price
Lenovo Legion Y540Check Price
DELL Gaming-G3 3579Check Price
HP Pavilion GamingCheck Price
MSI Gaming GL65Check Price
Lenovo IdeapadCheck Price

All the laptops has GTX 1650 with 8gb o Ram.